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Is a dedicated and specialist pipeline survey and cleaning operation, with a sound reputation for the delivery of professional solutions and client service excellence. We have the capacity to undertake detailed maintenance inspections, pre-rehabilitation assessments and emergency inspections on behalf of a wide range of clients. 

Inspection Activities

We have grown to become a leading force in pipeline inspection, data-gathering and infrastructure assessment provision in South Africa.


Employing state-of-the-art equipment, technology, software and remotely-controlled fault-finding equipment, our highly skilled professionals investigate, assess and report on any form of pipeline infrastructure, while constantly ensuring effective, world-class environmental management, the conservation of resources and the prevention of pollution. In addition and as part of our one-stop solution provision, our team of professionally-registered engineers is on hand to immediately provide expert advice and problem resolution services.

We have invested in the highly flexible, robust and sophisticated CCTV pipeline inspection system - used and trusted in more than 100 countries around the world - for our diverse subterranean infrastructure inspection activities.


Our range of advanced and remotely-operated Rovion crawlers, equipped with pan and tilt camera systems, micro-sized CCTV camera systems enable us to closely examine and capture data relating to difficult-to-reach areas and in pipeline interiors from 150mm to 2 000mm in diameter.


These light-equipped crawlers transmit detailed information and visual material back to high-level control panels located in our fleet of custom-built vehicles, enabling our compilation of comprehensive assessment reports for clients, together with video evidence of inspection outcomes.

The benefits associated with the use of such technologically-advanced inspection equipment include:

  • The elimination of any subjectivity associated with reporting;

  • Video evidence of pipeline interiors for ease of reference;

  • Ease of access - up to  400 metres from a single point of entry;

  • Ability to conduct inspections in all flow conditions; and

  • Cost-effectiveness.

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